Mayans and Aztecs extracted human hearts to “feed the gods”

Hyperaxion Apr 30, 2020

A new investigation revealed details about human sacrifices, which included the extraction of human hearts, practiced by ancient Mesoamerican civilizations, such as the Mayans and the Aztecs.

The team of Mexican scientists analyzed skeletons of people from these civilizations, studying the traces of injuries left on the bones and comparing them with historical sources, which describe ceremonies and rituals for extracting hearts.

Mayans and Aztecs extracted human hearts to "feed the gods"

The study, whose results were recently published in the specialized scientific journal Current Anthropology, looked at the nature of the blows inflicted on the victims’ thorax, in order to determine how the procedure was carried out and what tools were used by these ancient civilizations.

Analyzing the remains in combination with historical data, the scientists listed three methods of removing the heart: subdiaphragmatic thoracotomy, in which an incision was made directly below the ribs; intercostal thoracotomy, with cuts between the ribs; and transverse bilateral thoracotomy, which involved a horizontal incision in the sternum, explain the scientists in a statement.

In the new investigation, scientists point out that these human sacrifices served as a source of “revitalizing matter” and “food” for the gods. “Hearts and blood were offered as sustenance to deities representing the sun and the earth in recognition of their sacrifices during the creation of the universe,” said the study’s authors.

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