Meet 7 new species of colorful spiders discovered in Australia

Hyperaxion Apr 12, 2020

One of them, called Maratus constellatus, looks like Vincent Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”.

Entomologist Joseph Schuber of the Melbourne Museum in Australia has discovered seven new species of peacock spiders (of the genus Maratus). The curious thing is that they are colorful – and one has a pattern of colors that resembles the painting The Starry Night, by Van Gogh.

Although they are poisonous, they are not dangerous to humans.

This type of arachnid is famous for the peculiar appearance of the males. Although it is poisonous, it poses no threat to humans. In fact, these spiders hunt flies and small insects. With the seven new findings, published on Zootaxa, the total number of known species of peacock spider has risen to 85.

“I’d describe peacock spiders as tiny, little, colourful kittens. They have their own personalities and they’re incredibly tiny – about the size of a grain of rice,” Schubert told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The 22-year-old expert believes that this is just the beginning of a growing list of discoveries about these spiders. “I think it is not just that, considering how many species have been found recently and how many places still need to be explored. I am actively looking for new species of peacock spider!” He said, in a note published by the museum.

Check out impressive photos of the newly discovered spiders below:

1. Maratus noggerup

Maratus noggerup

2. Maratus laurenae

Maratus noggerup

3. Maratus azureus

Maratus azureus

4. Maratus constellatus

Maratus constellatus

5. Maratus volpei

Maratus volpei

6. Maratus inaquosus

Maratus inaquosus

7. Maratus suae

Maratus suae


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