17 chilling photos taken just before terrible tragedies

Hyperaxion Jun 14, 2020

Photos are important because they immortalize special moments, so that we can remember them in the future. But often, photos also become interesting when they are taken just a few moments before historical events, as is the case with the ones you will see on this list.

1. Photograph taken just before the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie, an event that was marked as the starting point of the First World War.

2. Unintentionally, this family captured the last moments of the life of Ayano Tokumasu, the girl in the red shirt on the left side, who committed suicide by jumping off the bridge at Niagara Falls.

3. This image was captured inside Japan Airlines flight 123, which shortly afterwards crashed, resulting in the death of 520 passengers. Only four people survived.

4. This photo was taken by an adventurer minutes before he was killed by a bear in West Milford, New Jersey.

5. This famous photograph was taken in Omagh, Northern Ireland. The red car seen in this image was loaded with a large amount of explosives, which killed 29 people just minutes after this photograph was taken. The photographer did not survive. The man and the child are among the more than 200 people who were injured but survived the sad incident.

6. This was the last photo of the gorilla Harambe, who was killed in 2016 in the United States after a baby fell into his space at a zoo.

7. Last moments of Transasia 235, which crashed into a bridge in Taiwan, killing 43 of the 58 passengers.

8. This was Nicholas Mevoli, right after breaking a freediving record, in which the diver must remain as long as possible submerged, without any type of protective equipment. Soon after returning to the surface, Mevoli signaled that he was fine, but passed out from lack of oxygen and ended up dying.

9. This selfie, taken by the couple Gilles Leclerc and Marianne Labanane, preceded the cruel terrorist attack on the Bataclan club in France. The woman survived, but Gilles, unfortunately, lost his life in the incident.

10. During the eruption of Mount St. Helens, photographer Robert Landsberg was able to take a photo of the smoke that would eventually take his life. With his body, he protected the photographic film.

11. The crew of the space shuttle Challenger, shortly before boarding. Just over 73 seconds after the flight started, the Challenger crashed, killing everyone.

12. Pavel Kashin, a parkour enthusiast, trying to make the leap that unfortunately culminated in his death.

13. Paul Walker getting into the car that would eventually end up in an accident, in the event that caused the death of the actor and his driver.

14. This photo was taken by John Gilspin, an amateur photographer testing his new camera. He inadvertently photographed Keith Sapsford, a 14-year-old boy who died after falling from the plane he was trying to fly hidden on the landing gear.

15. Mayinga N’Seka, a nurse on the front lines in the battle against an Ebola outbreak in 1976. Shortly thereafter, she ended up contracting the disease and dying.

16. William Sanders guiding more than 100 students out of the cafeteria inside Columbine High School, the target of one of the most infamous attacks in US history. Moments later he was shot twice in the chest and could not resist his injuries.

17. Robert Overcracker, a professional stuntman, drove a jet ski through Niagara Falls in order to raise public awareness of the homeless issue in 1995. This photo was taken at the exact moment when his parachute failed, causing his death.


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