Ukrainian woman is buried alive and manages to escape

Hyperaxion May 2, 2020

Recently, the case of a 57-year-old Ukrainian lady made headlines worldwide: she was the victim of a brutal attack by her drunken neighbors, who buried her alive.

Nina Rudchenko, from Poltava, was at her home in the village of Maryanske when she was surprised by two brothers aged 27 and 30 who lived in the neighborhood. She informed the police that they started punching and attacking her with a baseball bat.

For four hours she was beaten, and while she was passed out, they took her to a local cemetery. According to the investigations, the two brothers, identified only as Oleg and Vladimir, dragged the victim unconscious and, still in the cemetery, tried to wake her up by throwing cold water on her face and body.

(Credit: Youtube, NTN.

The woman woke up and reports that she was forced to dig her own grave. She says that while she struggled to stay on her feet, the two brothers kept threatening her, saying they would burn her son-in-law alive.

It was not clear whether the 57-year-old woman managed to finish digging her own grave or whether the brothers finished the job, but when the grave was ready, she was forced to lie there while they buried her.

The pressure of the ground increased over her, and after a while, when the two attackers disappeared, she began to dig frantically with her hands to return to the surface. Nina Rudchenko managed to escape and crawl back to her home, where she finally passed out.

Her sister found her on the floor and, seeing her in that state, promptly called the police. The woman was then taken to the nearest hospital, where doctors were able to diagnose several fractures and bruises. Unfortunately, she had severe head injuries, which makes her pass out frequently.

(Credit: Youtube, NTN.

The police were unable to detain the two brothers, but they will answer for two crimes under Ukrainian law: art. 296 (vandalism) and art. 46 (deliberate arrest). If found guilty, the brothers can spend up to 5 years in prison.

It is suspected that the reason for such brutality was the theft of a dog, which disappeared about six months ago. The mother of the two brothers also accused Rudchenko’s family of theft, but reported to the media that the two would never torture the woman.

Check out the full report by the Ukrainian NTN:


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