Covid-19 tests from CDC were contaminated with the coronavirus

Hyperaxion Apr 21, 2020

Failure in the production process by the highly inefficient CDC agency has resulted in tests unable to provide reliable results, and now we know why.

The rush to obtain kits to test patients for Covid-19 has created some inconvenient situations. One of the most bizarre happened in the United States when, in February, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) distributed kits for detecting the coronavirus that were contaminated with the virus.

Covid-19 tests from CDC were contaminated with the coronavirus
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As you may have guessed, the contaminated tests were unable to produce reliable results, as federal government officials confirmed to the New York Times.

Initially, the CDC had maintained a discreet stance on the error, without making it clear why the tests were unreliable. The organization said there was a problem with the production of one of the reagents, causing it to fail. Later, it became clear that the problem was contamination of the tests, due to sloppy laboratory practices.

Subsequent investigations showed questionable practices in the production process. Among the problems observed were researchers entering and exiting the laboratories without changing their lab coats and carrying out the assembly of the kits in the same environment in which contaminated samples were handled.

The CDC confirmed the problem and says it has implemented new standards for quality control in the production of the tests, but the real impact of this mistake may be incalculable. Today, the United States is the epicenter of the pandemic, with more than 760,000 confirmed cases and 40,000 deaths, and much of the problem is due to the difficulty in obtaining tests when the numbers were still low.

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