Scientists develop a drug that kills multiple types of coronavirus

Hyperaxion Aug 6, 2020

In tests carried out on mice and human cells, the compounds prevented replication of Mers, Sars and Sars-CoV-2.

A group of scientists from different American institutions has developed antiviral compounds capable of killing multiple types of coronaviruses, including Sars-CoV-2. The discovery was published earlier this week in the journal Science.

Scientists develop a drug that kills multiple types of coronavirus
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The substances have already been tested in the laboratory and were able to neutralize these viruses in human airway cells.

In addition, in tests with mice, the compounds were able to reduce the mortality of those infected with the Mers coronavirus, which has a fatality rate of 35%, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

In previous studies, the team had already developed a series of antiviral compounds called 3C protease inhibitors, which targets an enzyme essential for the replication of the coronavirus.

In their latest research, they tested how these substances behave in the presence of cells infected with Sars-CoV-2 (which causes Covid-19), Sars-CoV (Sars virus), or Mers-CoV (Mers virus).

According to the researchers, one of the compounds, called 6e, showed potent antiviral activity against Sars-CoV-2, inhibiting viral replication up to ten times.

Another substance, called 6j, reduced the mortality rate of mice infected with Mers, in addition to reducing the amount of virus in the lungs and preventing dangerous complications resulting from the infection.

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