Polar bears are turning to cannibalism at the north pole

Hyperaxion Mar 7, 2020

Cases of polar bears killing and eating each other are increasingly common as human interference takes place in their natural habitat.

According to expert Ilya Mordvintsev, cannibalism among polar bears used to be quite rare, but now it has become frequent.

The problem is closely related to food scarcity. Polar bears were used to hunting in an area known as the Gulf of Ob. Today, the area has become a route for ships carrying a substance called LNG (liquefied natural gas).

Furthermore, several studies are being carried out in the place they live, the bears feel uncomfortable with the human presence, which can make them aggressive.

(Credit: AWeith/WikiMedia).

Other causes for cannibalism among polar bears

In addition to the scarcity of food, expert Vladimir Sokolov points to climate change as another reason for the increase in cases of cannibalism. The temperature at the North Pole is increasingly high, which alters the natural conditions for the survival of these animals.

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The change in the environment causes polar bears to migrate to colder regions, the constant melting of glaciers also affects the animals’ mood and makes them feel insecure about basic survival needs.

One thing is certain: human activity, whether directly at the North Pole or through climate change, is challenging the way these animals live and increasing cases of cannibalism among them. To date, there are no assertive statistics on the percentage of registered cases.

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