SpaceX rocket goes into space 5 times and breaks historical record

Hyperaxion Mar 20, 2020

Despite the pandemic of the new coronavirus (Covid-19), SpaceX managed to carry out yet another launch of the Starlink project into space on Wednesday (18).

This time, 60 satellite units were sent and are now part of the network consisting of 360 satellites in Earth orbit. The mission took place at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

SpaceX rocket goes into space 5 times and breaks historical record
(Credit: SpaceX).

The launch marked the establishment of an internal record for the space exploration company. The Falcon 9 first stage rocket used was on its fifth mission, as it had already been used twice in 2018, reused twice in the previous year and, finally, once now in 2020.

The only bad news is that, this time, it will not be possible to reuse it: one of the nine engines had problems during the launch and almost compromised the mission, but it was compensated by the power of the others and managed to take the load to the second stage.

The rocket taking off to take satellites into space. (Credit: SpaceX).

However, the landing that would allow it to be reused a sixth time failed, and the rocket ended up in the Atlantic Ocean. The original idea was for it to make the traditional vertical landing on one of the company’s ships.

The Starlink project aims to establish a network of satellites orbiting the planet to ensure long-range internet signal, even for regions with low infrastructure. According to the CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, a minimum of 400 “nodes” are required for the connection to operate with minimum coverage quality.


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