Temperature and latitude are not associated with Covid-19 spread, study reveals

Hyperaxion May 10, 2020

Research led by the Applied Health Research Centre, in Canada, looked at 144 geopolitical areas affected by the new coronavirus.

The temperature and latitude are not related to the spread of the new coronavirus, which causes Covid-19. The discovery is the result of research led by Canada’s Applied Health Research Centre, and was published Friday (8) in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Temperature and latitude are not associated with Covid-19 spread
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The study considered 144 geopolitical areas where more than 375 thousand cases of the disease were confirmed. According to the scientists, they intended to assess how climatic aspects (latitude, temperature, and humidity) and government measures (school closures, restrictions of mass gatherings, and measures of social distancing) affected the spread of Sars-CoV-2 in different regions of the world.

The researchers concluded that, while humidity can minimally interfere with the spread of the disease, latitude and temperature are not related to the increase in cases of Covid-19. On the other hand, they realized that measures of social distancing are directly related to lower rates of infection.

“The more public health interventions an area had in place, the bigger the impact on slowing the epidemic growth,” said Dionne Gesink, who participated in the research, in a statement. “These public health interventions are really important because they’re the only thing working right now to slow the epidemic.”

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