Sensitive SpaceX and Tesla documents are leaked by hackers

Hyperaxion Mar 4, 2020

Visser Precision, a manufacturer that provides services to SpaceX and Tesla, was victim of cybercriminals who leaked confidential documents from both companies. The group asks for money to stop the leaks.

“We have recently been the target of a criminal cybersecurity incident, including access to or theft of data … Investigations are being carried out while the company is running smoothly,” said a spokesman for Visser.


The perpetrators of the crime were hackers from the DoppelPaymer group, who generally request a sum of money to put an end to the leaks.

We still don’t know which procedure the cybercriminals used to steal the data. Visser’s only theory is that the documents are encrypted to make the rescue difficult (ransomware).

In addition to the Musk companies, DoppelPaymer claimed to have hacked other giants, such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Blue Origin, space exploration company by Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon – all in the aerospace industry.

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It was Brett Callow, a cybersecurity researcher at Emsisoft, a company that develops antivirus software, who warned about the leaks.

“It is absolutely essential that these incidents are promptly disclosed … The information leaked from a company could be used in extremely effective schemes via e-mail or other forms of fraud against its business partners,” explained Callow. “The non-immediate disclosure of these incidents makes life for cybercriminals much easier,” he added.


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