The US Space Force gets its first offensive weapon

Hyperaxion Mar 22, 2020

The United States Space Force, whose creation was announced by the U.S. President in June 2018, already has its first weapon. And no, it is not a missile.

It is not a missile or a laser. According to the portal Popular Mechanics, the new offensive weapon of the American Space Force is a satellite blocker, with the function of blocking the communication of the enemy force.

The US Space Force gets its first offensive weapon

The system, named Counter Communications System (CCS) Block 10.2, was delivered to Peterson Air Force Base, in the state of Colorado, where the 4th United States Space Force squadron is located.

The technical characteristics of this system are unknown – it is classified information. Only its purpose is public information: to block the transmission of data between military communications satellites and their receivers on Earth.

In the event of military conflict, one of the simplest solutions to neutralize enemy communications satellites would be to destroy them, as suggested by the portal.

However, there is a problem: military satellites are in very high orbits, and it is difficult to reach them from Earth. Geostationary satellites are usually located at an altitude of 36,000 kilometers (22,369 mi) or more.

Therefore, Popular Mechanics concluded, it is simpler and cheaper to develop weapons that neutralize satellites instead of trying to destroy them.


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