A hotel in space: NASA announces construction of a hotel on the ISS

Hyperaxion Jan 29, 2020

The startup Axiom Space, chosen to develop the installation, intends to launch the first module in the second half of 2024.

Who has never dreamed of spending a few days in space? NASA announced last Monday (27) that they chose the startup Axiom Space to build a commercial module on the International Space Station (ISS), which would function as a hotel.

An important step

In a statement, the US space agency said the project is an important step towards “promoting the growth of a robust economy in low Earth orbit”. According to NASA’s Jim Bridenstine, “Axiom’s work to create a commercial destination in space is a critical step for Nasa to meet its long-term needs for astronaut training, scientific research, and technology demonstrations in orbit.”

A hotel in space: NASA announces construction of a hotel on the ISS
NASA announced the construction of the first commercial destination module for the International Space Station. The company Axiom Space will develop the model. (Photo: Reproduction / NASA).

New business opportunities

The development of commercial destinations in low Earth orbit is one of the five elements of the plan to open the ISS to new commercial and marketing opportunities. Other points include efforts to make station and crew resources available for commercial use and to enable private astronaut missions.

For Kam Ghaffarian, executive president of Axiom Space, this is an opportunity for society to understand how astronauts live on a daily basis. “Our goal is to advance the knowledge of humanity,” he says in a note.

Comfort and luxury in space

Comfort and luxury, in space
In 2018, Axiom teamed up with designer Philippe Starck to design what the future cabins of the International Space Station would look like (Photo: Axiomspace).

In 2018, the company teamed up with designer Philippe Starck to think about what future ISS hotels should look like. In the project, the crew’s accommodations are elegant and full of comfort and luxury. In them, there are interactive screens and a privileged view of the Earth and space.

Axiom intends to launch the first commercial module in the second half of the year 2024.


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