Advanced alien civilizations could move stars to avoid cosmic disasters

Hyperaxion Jul 15, 2020

Advanced alien civilizations could move stars to avoid cosmic disasters, according to Alexander Svoronos, a scientist at Yale University in the United States.

Sooner or later, Svoronos believes, these extraterrestrial civilizations never detected will have to face threats like supernovae and black holes.

To prevent this from annihilating their civilization, they could move stars across the galaxy. Of course, such a feat would require incredibly advanced technology.

Advanced alien civilizations could move stars to avoid cosmic disasters
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“It’s a megastructure that can be used to move an entire star system. If their star system is going to be in proximity of a supernova, they might want to try to avoid it,” Svoronos told the New Scientist.

This megastructure which, according to Svoronos, would have 20% of the Moon’s mass, could be placed a few thousand miles from a star, and then used to drag it at increasing speeds using the gravitational pull.

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The megastructure would be powered by material from the star itself. According to Svoronos’ calculations, such a structure could accelerate a solar system to 0.1% of the speed of light over a period of 5,000 years and eventually reach 10% of the speed of light in 38 million years. That is what I call long-term planning.

Although a project over such vast periods of time may seem unreasonable to us humans, the type of ultra-advanced civilization theorized by Svoronos would be effectively immortal and quite comfortable with the idea of long-term planning.

(Credit: Indigo Skies Photography / Flickr).

In these very long-term plans, the scientist thinks that these sophisticated civilizations could move their solar systems out of the parent galaxy. “You can actually expand to another galaxy over hundreds of millions of years,” he said.

Taking this strategy into account can be useful in the search for intelligent life on another planet. Svoronos believes that by observing anomalous movements of distant stars, scientists may be able to identify other civilizations that are light-years away from ours.

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