Every organization that develops AI must be regulated, according to Elon Musk

Hyperaxion Feb 22, 2020

Entrepreneur Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, made a very direct comment on his Twitter profile on a subject that he addresses from time to time: artificial intelligence.

According to Musk, all organizations that develop advanced projects involving AI must be regulated in some way – including Tesla itself.

OpenAI under fire

In addition, he took the opportunity to criticize the OpenAI consortium, suggesting that it needs to be “more open” to the public and agencies, both globally and nationally. The idea for the post came as a response to a profile about the organization, published by MIT Technology Review.

This is nothing new coming from Elon Musk

Musk’s tweet is not necessarily a surprise. He has been addressing the risks of AI for years, believing that this technology “is more dangerous than nuclear weapons”. Recently, the CEO of Google and Alphabet, Sundar Pichai, stated that he is also in favor of regulation in AI projects.

Is Musk moving away from OpenAI?

His criticism, especially of OpenAI, draws attention. After all, he is one of the founders of the organization, which started operating in 2015 as a non-profit group, maintained by businessmen in the sector.

Over the years, however, the organization has become involved in commercial activities and has seen investments from giants like Microsoft arrive, which seems to have pushed Musk away.

Now, what do you think about the regulation of AI developers? Should the government apparatus step in?


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