Oldest video ever recorded is restored by artificial intelligence

Hyperaxion Aug 24, 2020

“Roundhay Garden Scene” was recorded in 1888 by Louis Le Prince, and has now been transformed into a 250-frame high-resolution video with sound.

In 1888, when the Eiffel Tower was being built and the serial killer Jack the Ripper was on the loose in the streets of London, French inventor Louis Le Prince recorded the “Roundhay Garden Scene”, considered the oldest video ever recorded.

Oldest video ever recorded is restored by artificial intelligence
(Credit: Denis Shiryaev / London Science Museum).

He could hardly imagine that, 132 years later, his 20-frame clip would be converted into a 250-frame video – and, to top it off, in high resolution.

Who decided to restore the video was Denis Shiryaev, who is passionate about artificial intelligence. For that, he only had a single image with the 20 pictures of Roundhay Garden Scene, part of the collection of the London Science Museum.

Shiryaev separated each frame into different photos, aligned them with the help of algorithms, and corrected their luminosity. Then he added some color and used an artificial neural network to create new frames, which gave the video more fluid movements.

To give an even more modern touch to the film, Shiryaev added the ambient sound of a garden, and made people’s faces clearer.

The whole process was presented in a video from Shiryaev’s YouTube channel, which also features other restorations of old films. Shiryaev is also product director for Neural.love, a company specializing in this type of work.

You can check out the new version of Roundhay Garden Scene below:

(Credit: Denis Shiryaev / London Science Museum).

Louis Le Prince is considered as one of the precursors of cinema. In addition to the “Roundhay Garden Scene”, he also recorded “Traffic Crossing Leeds Bridge”, “Accordion Player” and “Man Walking Around A Corner”.


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