5 incredible places to explore virtually during the pandemic

Hyperaxion Mar 20, 2020

To overcome the boredom of long hours at home during social isolation, we selected some virtual tours from Google Arts & Culture.

A few years ago, the idea of visiting museums and caves without leaving home seemed absurd. But now, with the technology of augmented reality and 3D at hand, it is possible to visit the works and relics displayed in these spaces without getting off the couch.

5 incredible places to explore virtually during the pandemic
Panoramic view of Pont d’Arc, around Chauvet Cave. (Credit: © David Huguet).

Here are five tips for exhibitions and places to explore and interact in the virtual world:

1. National Museum of Brazil

There are 164 photos of the most famous artifacts of the institution on the Google Arts & Culture platform, bringing back memories of the museum consumed by the flames in 2018. The skull of Luzia, the oldest human remnant in the Americas, the well-known replica of Titanosaurus and the Bendegó Meteorite, the largest ever found in Brazil, are part of the collection.

2. The Palace of Versailles

The symbol of Louis XIV’s absolute monarchy, the Sun King, in an immersive 360-degree audio experience to guide the user through six of the palace’s most impressive rooms, including the Royal Opera House and the Coronation room.

Additionally, you can explore an area that covers more than 21 rooms and 36,000 square meters of internal surfaces – the equivalent of more than five football fields.

Through Art Camera, several works hanging on the palace walls were digitized as well.

3. Anne Frank House

In partnership with the Anne Frank Foundation, Google Arts & Culture launched an online exhibition featuring five 360º indoor images of Merwedeplein 37-2, the Anne Frank family home in Amsterdam.

The virtual tour of the property, restored to the original 1930s style, includes the room Anne shared with Sister Margot. In addition, the exhibition features important documents about the girl’s life, such as Anne’s only known video, shot during her marriage, and the only photograph of the girl alongside her parents and sister.

4. Chauvet Cave

Google Arts & Culture is not just about modern art and history. On the platform, it is also possible to see 54 exhibitions with more than 350 digitized documents from the Chauvet Cave Restoration Space (SMERGC), a famous French cave where important animal fossils and rock paintings were found.

One of the project’s most interesting experiences is a 10-minute virtual reality video narrated by Daisy Ridley, a British actress who plays Rey in Star Wars.

5. Mayan civilization

In partnership with the British Museum and the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico, the collection Exploring the Mayan world – A journey into the past with ancient art, Victorian explorers and digital technology was launched.

The virtual exhibition includes the 3D digitalization of the plaster molds that make up the Palenque Hieroglyphic Ladder, currently in the British Museum, as well as exhibitions, editorials, videos and digital recreation of more than 660 Mayan pieces.


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