This robot can grill up to 150 hamburgers per hour

Hyperaxion Mar 14, 2020

Machines have already replaced human workers in many functions in industry and agriculture. Now, they will also find jobs in cafeterias.

Flippy is a robot that can grill up to 150 hamburgers per hour, flipping them all at the right time. In addition, it can work non-stop, never gets sick and its operating cost is less than a salary.

Robot can grill up to 150 hamburgers per hour

With these attributes, Flippy would certainly have a place among the employees of the month. This fact is an interesting observation, as everything indicates that he will not steal anyone’s job. With the large supply of jobs in the United States, fewer and fewer young people are willing to spend hours in front of a hot plate flipping hamburgers and still receive a low salary.

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When someone accepts a position like this, they soon change jobs because they find a better one. Flippy, on the other hand, fulfills the role with mastery and without complaining.

The robot is already working in California

Created by technology company Miso Robotics, Flippy not only makes hamburgers but also fries potatoes. It functions as a robotic arm that manipulates tools similarly to a human.

It features a series of temperature sensors, as well as cameras that allow it to observe exactly when the burger or potato is ready. When everything is finished, Flippy scrapes the plate, cleans his tools and gets ready to start all over again. Humans only need to put the ingredient in place for the robot to start the process.

Since the first project, in 2016, the robot has evolved a lot: it incorporated new functions and became much cheaper. From $100,000, the cost per unit has dropped to $10,000. Because of this, the robot is already gaining space in kitchens, especially in states like California, where labor costs are high, and few people want to work in fast food.

CaliBurger already has several Flippy robots working on food preparation. The Los Angeles baseball team’s Dodgers stadium cafeteria is also making use of them. Soon, Miso Robotics will present an even cheaper version of Flippy and, with investments of more than $13 million, promises to reach more kitchens across the U.S.

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